Wednesday 24 April 2013

API Rewrite #5 and Agents

Some time later... I emerge from performing API re-write number 5. It's all @uatecuk's fault. He persuaded me to split up the databases into separate Mongo collections for each level down to Instances. Previously, I had managed to get search working with a Map-Reduce operation to cut out bits of Databases that I didn't need, but this was essentially running the query twice - once over all an application's Databases, and then again over the reduced set of data which had matching Items in order to reduce the data. Now, I have search working with just a Mongo query, and no Map-Reduce operation. This is a shame because I actually thought I was understanding Map-Reduce, slightly, though it is very likely I am mistaken as it was probably leading me into a false sense of confidence and security before koshing me on the back of the head.

A second thing... I have managed to write an initial Agent using the embedded IronPython script engine. This has access to restricted parts of the database (restricted by interface), and this has led me to produce a scheme for loading and saving state. This all appears to work so far and the fledgling Agent can save its current work, perhaps for processing later. I'm not sure yet what restrictions to place on the timing of Agent execution. Maybe none. Certainly, aspects of this will be rolled into the connected API events, which will have access to the same storage items.

Right. Must sleep. Off to Iceland for Eve Online Fanfest 2013 tomorrow. \o/

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