Sunday, 7 April 2013

Client updates, Scripting changes and Refactoring for profiling...

Busy few days and things are falling into place a bit more.

Some Asura toolkit changes which have made the Xizi.Client library a lot thinner. I was briefly using a separate DTO for transfer but after some soul-searching this has been scrapped and I have started using the native Xizi.Application.Model objects instead. To make that less traumatic (and the client much thinner), I have created a Xizi.Storage library and moved the implementation of the Mongo store and the various interfaces into it. Bits of the API have now been deprecated in preference for this passing of serialised objects. A next step for this is to make sure that the values can be passed safely in HTTP headers rather than on the query string; or at the very least to make the client completely agnostic to the underlying transport method.

I have rationalised the scripting, making the event scripting engine completely agnostic to the type of condition or action that it might be asked to consider. These are now behind common interfaces and the actual kind of provider loaded in each case is driven by an appropriate field in the EventDefinition object. Currently there is only an IronPython provider for conditions and actions, but I will certainly add a Json condition checker as it will be more suitably lightweight.

I did a little bit of experimentation with creating a dynamic Mongo query and so far I am pleased with the results. I'll try and get something official together for that next.

Finally, after getting an ANTS Performance Profiler licence at long last, I've had to do a huge bunch of re-engineering of the code in order for it to be properly profiled with the cheaper Standard edition. So, now there is a new Asura.Server library with a stand-alone HTTP server that can run Xizi, which can be profiled as a normal .exe application. Having to cope with two different types of incoming Http Context is such a massive pain; what were they thinking?

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