Monday, 6 May 2013

Progress report

It's amazing what a little bit of CSS can do to spruce things up a bit.

I've started making the Xizi web pages more presentable and it turned out that it wasn't so hard to do.

Here's the login page:

(You'll never guess where I got the font from)
And a user's homepage:

(Placeholder graphics for now)
You will perhaps notice that the FitnessApplication box shows a list of events that have occurred. This is an implementation of a timeline style history record that will be accessible if required. In this case, the timeline records are created by a Subscription Event that fires when an Instance is added. I wrote the event in a stored IronPython script, but it could just as well be in a .Net assembly too.

Along the way I fixed a few things and created a bunch more. Xizi.Client now transfers parameters via HTTP headers rather than on query string, as a date written in Universal Time was somehow getting a plus-sign stripped. As a part of that, all HTTP headers are now added in to the Asura.Web Context object as parameters automatically. I've also added a new Request behaviour - PreRender, which makes sure things like the User object are added to the Context.ControlState automatically and so will be available to the Razor templates.

Very pleased with progress and it's great to have something a bit more visual to work with.

Friday, 3 May 2013

MongoDB search revisited

Well, Iceland was shit (ContextBot: chest infection, bad hotel location, misanthropy, expense.)

Anyway, moving on.

Re-written the Search function in the MongoDB store to split up the search criteria into separate ElemMatch queries after realising that I had failed to process multiple conditions correctly. By using this I now have a basic little form application for the FitnessApp idea that uses Xizi to pull back user's Instances that are within a 10% tolerance of entered values for newly entered running time and distance combinations.

I finished that in the departure lounge, while the plane was starting to board for London.

Most fun I'd had all week (*)

*: Apart from the tapas meal. That was awesome.