Sunday 14 July 2013

And... we're back

After a long stretch of working on a related side-project, I'm back and working on Xizi until something else rears its head. In truth, working on the other project has been incredibly useful in that it uses the Asura framework and this has given me experience of building a complete website with it, including interactive elements, asynchronous calls and discovering a new love ... Twitter Bootstrap.

Bootstrap, it feels like cheating. It's having as much of an effect on my view of front-end web development as learning model-store patterns influenced the way I architect application internals.

So, recent work has included improving the demo app, support for retrieving application details including auth tokens for users and available subscription events, support for themes in the template handler, default and user override parameters for an application for the condition engine, creating a user from an application, making Xizi.Client more robust by avoiding use of query strings where possible, making sure timeline events are spawned during test data setup, various bug fixes and  remembering to add an update method for users :)

A whole bunch of things were ported in from my work on the other project, partly to do with front-end support - so themes, for example - and partly a big refactoring job which split the Context class into a basic base class and a web-related descendant class. The latter was due to requiring a job processor in the other project and I knew from recent experience that I could make that behaviour-based pretty easily.

Well, I'm stuck on train right now, so I'll get some other stuff done...