Saturday, 19 October 2013

API Separation and Everything After

Well, something else did crop up, and here I am again.

After far too much hand-wringing, I finally separated the Xizi API from the main hosted website and into its own silo.

But this is just treading water.

What I really want to do is two-fold;

One - Now that I know roughly what I want to achieve with Xizi, I feel that I should re-write this from scratch. The implementation is too complicated for what it actually should be doing.

Two - The more I work with the Asura framework, the more I wish that I'd made some different design decisions earlier on. The way I have implemented the behaviours does not lend itself well to functional decomposition and that's starting to drive me a bit mental as I have to change gears between different behavioural systems.

And there's not much point doing one without having done the other first for the sake of duplicated effort.

So, I'm going to re-write Asura.

Back in a bit.

[Gone coding]

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